“I imagine the lockdown has been a difficult time financially for the gambling industry?”

“You bet it has.”

“Is that the reason Sevebet threatened to pull out of it’s longterm sponsorship deal with the Portugal Tour?”

“The strength of Sevebet International’s financial situation remains as it always was.”

“Precisely what is the nature of the deal? Rumor has it that there is a clause demanding the Portugal Tour is just that and actually has to be played in Portugal?”

“I have already denied it. It is pure conjecture and a nasty rumor put about by the Fraternal Association of Portuguese Airport Baggage Handling Workers. I was delighted to knock that one down.”

“I see that two venues are still to be announced. The tour presently includes Rugby, ideal for short course specialists, and Mount Oakmere, ideal for the big hitters and those acclimatized to altitude. Are you looking for something different? Something between the two? An Inter-course?”

“If only.”

“A desert course, maybe?”

“That would be a sweet deal.”

“Do you not think it a pity that veterans and previous winners have not be asked to ceremonially tee off?”

“I am sure they tee off anytime they please. And as often as they can. I personally recommend it.”

“And Sir Michael King has pulled out.”

“Yes, and I hope he is satisfied.”

“Finally, MK, have you a hot tip?””

“Yes, and I’ve got it well covered.”


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