Big K Shorrocks today announced the venue for the Spring George Open on Friday 8th May, which once again will incorporate the “2020 Rooms of Gloom”.


The venue will be the prestigious Welcome Inn in Stratford on Avon in the heart of leafy  Warwickshire. The 6,288 yard, 18-hole, par 70 championship golf course will stage the Spring George Open for the first time.


The Rooms of Gloom is an annual tournament contested by the 8 players in the Portugal Tour and will decide the accommodation arrangements during the 6 day long Biggos Composto which will take place in May this year.


Last years Portugal winner MK Seve of SEVE BET fame commented from his Delhi hotel:

“I told you I’m not bloody going, now bog off !”


Nigel Carby (better known as Life Style Guru Uncle Nigel) was the  winner of last years Rooms of Gloom but spent the entire tournament sleeping in the laundry room due to a nasty underpants incident.

Nigel added:

“He will be there don’t worry.”

Before jetting off to Cyprus for his 2 month long warm weather preparation for the golf season.


Hoppy Dearsley , International Handicap Secretary and keen sleeper was available for comment:

“There has been, as usual, much emotional out pouring over the Portugal Tour handicaps, which are calculated using the age old Archimedes  Golfing principles Pies R Us.

So the historic precedents are established.”

After which he ran off to hide , again.


Tony Bryan resident Pescetarian and last years 7th place man was also on hand:

“Personally I don’t understand what all this Rooms and Gloom fuss is all about. Last year I just moved into the lounge, which is the biggest room with the TV, stereo and all modern facilities, and there I stay ! No problem !”

Lord Chilly of Uzerlam was not available for comment but apparently has written to Uncle Nigel with his feelings on the Gloom situation but the post was late this morning.


So all eyes on Stratford on Friday 8th May.

Starting times and full details of Players and Prizes will be available from Shorrocks Industries in the fullness of time.