At a packed press conference over the weekend MK Seve, CEO of renown on line rip off Betting Organisation SEVE BET, announced the dates for next year’s Bridlington Admiral’s Cup.

“My organisation have now taken back complete control of this globally recognised Golf Tournament !

Enough of this getting to the bar in the dark on the Saturday night ! This is a proper Competition with Tee times in the morning…

Hear that ! In the Morning !!! Enough is enough !!”


MK left the press conference in a meaningful manner  glaring at the gathered men of the press.


The dates for the 2020 Bridlinton Admiral’s Cup were confirmed as:

Friday 11th September  –  Scarborough South Cliff  – 1.00pm


Saturday 12th September – Flamborough Head – 12.00 Midday


Sunday 13th Sept  – Filey – 10.30 am


Monday 14th Sept – Hornsea –


Hoppy Dearsley former Tournament Director was stunned, mainly caused by the flying headbutt from Knuckles Kowal (No relation).