The press are calling it the wedding of the year, others are talking global event.

Golf Ok says “Is it a golf tournament ? Thank goodness for that !”

Yes, it is now confirmed for Sunday 18th July and Monday 19th July  2021 The Tony Bryan 2021 Nuptial Classic.

The venue will be the prestigious Welcome Inn in historic Stratford on Avon deep in the heart of Warwickshire.

The 16 player tournament will be over 2 rounds on the mountainous slightly hilly Welcome Course,

MK Seve , Portugal Tour Sponsor and keen mountaineer spoke out in praise of the venue:

Where, are you kidding , its like the bloody Himalayas. I’ve seen goats who are too scared to venture on some of those fairways !”

Tournament Host Tony (Bit Coin) Bryan, CEO of the recently formed SEVE-CYBER , was keen to point out that buggys will be available and he is hopeful that the cable cars will have been installed on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th and 16th holes by the end of June.

If not he promised that he had sourced a number of Sherpa guides who would be on hand to guide players on the more tricky slopes.

He has also committed to having a mountain rescue team, with helicopters, on hand should conditions worsen during the tournament.

Places are limited and the 16 players have been notified but as some of them really can’t be arsed may not be able to fit the dates into their busy schedules  places may still be available for those not on the primary invitation list.

For further news on the Tournament watch this space meanwhile get it in the diary !