They thought they were the magnificent 7 but it is not to be !

In a last ditch attempt to bring the Portugal 2018 tournament up to full strength Mike B Draft, oh he of the “Full Strength” has stepped into the team at the eleventh hour.

Sponsor MK Seve was very pleased:

“I am very pleased ! It is as if the solution has been under our noses all this time.

 I personally am humbled by the personal sacrifice which Mikey or Draft as he likes to be called in golfing circles, has made in order to be able  join the tour.

He has eeerrrr……… and of course eerrrr………… and who is going to put the bins out eh ! “

Nigel (For it is He ) Carby was very happy with the last minute entry:

“That’s just great , we will all get a rebate , fantastic”

Nigel then realised that he no longer has a suite to himself.

“Oh Bollocks, I will have to pack my Jim Jams”

With the Tour up to full strength MK Seve spoke at the press conference with his usual deep commitment:

“For cryin’ out loud – Look this is a major investment for the Kowal Corporation and we can’t get anyone until the last moment ! Who is in charge of this bloody charade ??? Oh !


As I was saying we welcome Mike B Draft to the Tour. He will be a fine addition to the skilled athletes who regularly play on the fabulous courses of, where? ,

Portugal. I am sure the other contestants will all give him the full benefit of their experience.


Where the hell did he come from ?  Oh!


I obviously look forward to yet another successful tour and wish all the players the best of luck.”

Lord Michael King was not available for comment.

New playing order and Conference Pears will be published shorty.