In a shocking move yesterday MK Seve, Chairman of SeveBet, SeveTravel and SevePorn SeveCare, demanded compensation when well known website Golf Ok published the wrong dates for both Bridlington 2019 and “The Rooms of Gloom” golf tournaments.


“It is outrageous that the press think they can get away with this deflationary behaviour ! We all know how the “Fake News” scandals of the past few years have damaged the, already decidedly poor, reputation of these so called “Free Press Supporters”  and now this !

Its pathetic. These people should be publicly flogged ! If I had my way we would shut down all newspapers and such and if people wanted to know what was going on and what the truth really is they can jolly well phone me, and I will tell them !”

Commented a furious MK whilst speaking at a conference on “Human Rights in the Third World And How To Avoid Them”.

Golf OK spokes person Hoppy Dearsley was apologetic:

“Well we do our best but sometimes we really screw up !

I would apologise but to be fair nobody reads this crap anyway !”

In a retraction Golf Ok says:

“Forget those other dates they are wrong. Theses are they. Probably !”


2019 Bridlington Admiral’s Cup. Friday 13th Sept through Monday 16th September.


The”2019 Rooms Of Gloom” who bloody knows , probably late April early May next year. Watch this space !