Many onlookers were confused, the Players were confused , why is this ?

This is because this was not only the final 2 days of the 2021 Portugal **Asterisks** Tour but also the 3rd Super Bock Handicap Steaks Golf Tournament !!!

All will become clear. Probably.

The first 18 holes over the Greetham Valley course were a mixture of tragedy, pain and anguish. Not to mention sporting genius and strange goings on in the woods !

Way, way out in front at the end of the first day was Max McDonough with a mighty 41 points 4 ahead of nearest rival young Mark Hinds and 7 shots ahead of the pack.

Talking of the pack , Big Tony Bryan, recent host of his own Nuptial Classic, was once again involved in a rather nasty golfing incident. It was 2019 , or was it 18, during the Bridlington Admirals cup when Mr Bryan had to retire from the tournament due to his arm being blown off by a particularly strong wind.

Who would have thought lightning could strike twice ?

But there it is just as the back 9 commenced Tony was down again, blood everywhere, field dressings were applied but to no avail as Tony was rushed by passers by to the nearest bar where he was treated by First Responders until the wine waiter appeared.


Later in the same round brave Dan Large was seen wandering off purposefully into the woods, this was not of course for the first time, to be fair Dan had spent most of the previous 12 holes wandering around in the woods. But this time no one had seen his ball disappearing into the trees.

His fellow players waited patiently on their fairway and after a brief period Dan came back from his sojourn smiling meaningfully  with a satisfied expression. What had happened ? Luckily we will never know.


Day 2 got off to a splendid start, Tony Bryan blessed the players on the first tee of the Lakes course and then with a royal wave disappeared back into the bar.

Max defended his lead gallantly as Lord Chilly tried desperately to overhaul his magnificent first day advantage. But no chance !  Big Max  held on with a brave 33 points to take the Super Bock Trophy and massive cash prize.


“It was a triumph of the human spirit !” said Max at the presentation. “We are over here !!!” shouted the crowd.

“As I was saying ” continued the Super Bock Champion “A triumph !” and then waving to the crowd Max was off with a number of Wrens who had recently appeared amid cries of “Rum and Cider me hearties !!!”


The 2021 Super Bock Handicap Steaks Results.

Athletes ? You decide.

The Super Bock Handicap Steaks will be played yet again in Bridlington on 11th and 13th September.