Top golfer and keen amateur historical artefact restorer Stewart “Biffa” Amos was shocked and stunned when he discovered that his recent labour of love in restoring an ancient historic relic could signal his move into the “Turner Prize” art world.

MK Seve owner of most things, and global entrepreneur spotted the restored piece during the Bridlington’Admirals Cup recently held in Yorkshire:


“This was a real find.” MK told reporters. “This rare and now perfectly restore collectors item is obviously a priceless peice of real importance.

The work which Biffa, or as we affectionately know him, Mr Amos, has put in to restore the ancient trophy to its former glory is outstanding !

I have invested a small amount of the SeveBet millions in supporting struggling artists like Biffa, this is a serious interest as far as I am concerned and certainly not a cheap scam scheme to rip off naïve artisans and make a fast buck, that’s right out of the question !”


The restored Bridlington Admiral’s Cup will be examined and valued by Sothebys of London next week and MK Seve is hoping to interest the Turner prize judges later in the year.




The Admiral’s Cup restored !

Some of the original engravings can be traced back to post 2010 !



Some of Stewart’s recent work was also on show at the Seve Bet press conference.

The piece displayed below is an avant-garde sculpture entitle “Get-In-Da-Hole” and has a price tag of £5.28.