Big Forecast Accumulator Net from Your Sevebet!

Yes ! It Is The BIG FANYS 2016


“A gambling opportunity like this does not arrive very often !” – MK Seve (SEVEBET Founder)



“Its time to get serious with the gambling challenge of the season !” – Mike Illsly Chairman of The Illsly Foundation.



“What the fuck is going on ??” – Nigel Carby Confused of Newark (and Turkey).


The rules are simple:

Each player collects their best net score on each of the 18 holes throughout the week. At the end of the week each player has a card representing their very best net score on each of the 18 holes. (It doesn’t matter that the pars vary each round.)

The event is to forecast what that best overall score will be.

On the basis that the best player might get two net birdies a day every day and these were all on different holes then the final score might be 56. If they were on the same holes the score might be 70. If eagles get involved who know what it might be, 47?

Get it?

Each player bets €5 at the beginning of the week and writes their forecast on a slip of paper.

The winner of the €40 is not the one who has the lowest score but the one who makes the right forecast of the lowest score or the closest.

If there is a tie they share the €40.


The Big Mike I will explain all at lunch before the start of play.

Firstly in English and then in the medium of Mime and Dance !