What are “The Conference Pears” ?

Initiated by Lord Chilly of Uzalum in 2014 The Conference Pairs is a Better Ball competition played over 6 rounds.

Better ball means that the best score out of the pair counts.

So if, on day 1 with Mick and Chilly playing together if Chilly gets 3 points on the first and Mick gets 2 then on that hole the Pears score will be 3 points and so on.

Basically you just play golf and score as normal then we will work out the Betterball score over some Super Bock.

Each day the The Pears Betterball scores are calculated and the winning Pear for that day score 4 points each, second Pear 3 each points and so on.

Every day the Pears change and everyone has a new partner for that day.

Everyday the winners score 4 points each, second 3 points each etc  and everyone starts to build a score.

The individual who has the most points after the last round is the winner.

There are 4 prizes totaling 55.00 euros.

Simple init !

Questions please in writing to The Editor.


Winner 2015 – Mick R


Winner 2014 – Clive

Count Back Rules for Conference Pears.

As often happens the scores in the Conference Pears are very close and so count back rules are vitally important. If you would like to read them see below if not go to the pub now.

On a daily basis the count back on the Betterball will be:

1. Back 9

2. Last 3

3. Last 6

4. Highest number of Net Eagles

5. Highest Number of Net Birdies

6. Highest Number of Net Pars

7. Lowest Number of Double Bogies

8. Lowest number of Blobs

On the Conference Pears Individual Scores (i.e the points awarded on a daily basis (4,3,2,1) if there is a tie the following rules will apply based on the final day score card. i.e The Old Course. 

1. 18 Holes

2. Back 9

3. Last 3

4. Last 6

5. Highest number of Net Eagles

6. Highest Number of Net Birdies

7. Highest Number of Net Pars

8. Lowest Number of Double Bogies

9. Lowest number of Blobs