Nigel Carby, recently rebuilt,broken, rebuilt again, slightly damaged then subsequently refurbished (or re Furby ished) has surprisingly won the 2017 Bridlington Peter Crowhurst Celebration Trophy!

Nigel was rushed from the dentist’s chair on to the first tee at Scarborough on the first day of the competition. His back nine score of 5 points reflected the fact that his pain killing treatment had started to wear off. Other players did complain that being  on the course with a saline drip in place was a little unusual.

Nigel’s final 36 holes were a testimony to the fact that he was forbidden alcohol by his doctors, which in itself is unusual as all of the other players had been advised to drink as much as possible by their doctors, in fact one player Dr or Doc Kevin Shorrocks actually bought his doctor with him on tour, albeit in disguise.

MK Seve , millionaire philanthropist hit a fine 60 points to take 2nd place and Mick (just 1 point behind) Rushal  was third eerily just 1 point behind and Marky Hinds slid into 4th place.


The rest of the field were pretty average even last years Crowbar winner Lord Chilly of Uzerlam floundered into 7th place.

“It was winter golf, and having just returned from the tropics I was badly prepared. I blame the weather forecasters who had predicted that I would be able to see clearly now, now that the rain had gone !”