The 2020 VOMs has now been officially postponed to a date yet to be announced. The disappointment of the Players and the many fan has been expressed in much of the popular press.

Tiger Woods, himself disappointed at not being able to defend his 2019 Masters victory, expressed what many are thinking:

“First The Masters now the VOMs, it is heart breaking especially for newcomers like Jack Dearsley who hasn’t touched a golf club for 2 years, devastating.

I did  actually see Bob Dearsley, the VOMs Founder, at Augusta some years ago.

He was in the crowd on practice day, I was on the green, I waved but he didn’t see me, well he is a busy man.”


Organiser Clive Dearsley has announced dates for the 2021 competition, 9th -11th April , but the prospects of a 2020 comp are  not good:

“We will do what we can but remembering to actually do something is the issue.  I have spoken with the other Players all of whom have promised to remind me to do something, but I fear that with their busy schedules and having to sit around all day doing nothing, this will prove an impossible burden to actually remember to do something.”

Ian Waterhouse, renown clothes designer and keen gardener spoke to us yesterday:


“To be fair here in Lincolnshire we did not notice that we were in Lock Down until yesterday when I put the wireless on and caught the end of the news before The Archers.

We are now planning to go out and find people to stand 2 metres from, its tough you know.”


The Government guidelines are quite clear and we here at Golf OK advise everyone to stay in and try and work out how the fuck Zoom works.


Watch this space for more news.