Bells have been ringing out all over the free world today as the first Tuesday golf date is announced since  3rd March.

Spokesperson Lord Chilly of Uzerlam was cautious as he announced the first date and venue:

“I can announce that Tuesday golf will return on Tuesday 16th June at Kibworth Golf Club but under strict lock down rules.

There will be NO embracing, high fiveing , shaking hands or touching of equipment.

This will be difficult for this highly tactile group but that is nothing compared with the NO POST GAME BEER DRINKING Rule !!!!”

“Yes !” Lord Chill reiterated ! “No Beer Afterwards !!  Times are difficult chaps we must steel ourselves for this new world !”


Hoppy Dearsley, Tour Organiser, has suggested that a Zoom conference will be held during the evening following the first match where scores will be collated and the “Virtual” prize money will be distributed, but other competitors have complained that they don’t even like lollies !!


It will be permitted to drink alcohol during the post match Zoom call, but, only to excess.


SEVE BET CEO MK Seve has stepped in and agreed to sponsor the first Zoom conference, for a small consideration, and provide full training for the less techno savvy players.


Tee Times and groupings will be announce shortly along with detailed COVID 19 social distancing rules and most interestingly how we do “Nearest the Pin” .


Exciting times !!

Happy memories of post lock down tomfoolery.